BLUE BLACKBERRY ('Rubus caesius L.')

© E. Bēvalde.

A small (60–160 cm) shrub of the rose family. The young shoots are arched, with bluish frost, often rooted at the top. The trunk is erect or elevated, with bluish frost, covered with glandular hairs. The leaves are trilobed (on the lower, non-flowering shoots they can be five-lobed) composed of egg-shaped leaflets with a serrated edge and a pointed tip. Middle leaf with a longer petiole. Spines on stem and leaf axis short, horizontal or slightly downward, not very hard or prickly. Flowers in a craggy bunch-like inflorescence at the end of a branch. Sepals hairy, lanceolate, long-pointed, erect or slightly protruding from the ripe fruit. Petals white (1 cm), longer than the green sepals. The fruit is bluish, covered with frost. Blooms in May, June. The fruits come in August. 
Blackberries contain a relatively high amount of iron and vitamin C.