FIREWEED (‘Chamaenerion angustifolium (L.) Scop. (syn. Epilobium angustifolium L.’)

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Perennial, large (50–170 cm) annual plant of the nightshade family. Stem erect, very slender, simple or sparsely branched, usually glabrous like the leaves. The foliage is dense. Flowers in a craggy, very long, pyramidal cluster at the top of the stem. Calyx pinkish, four-parted, divided to the base, shedding. Corolla purple. Blooms from late June to August.
This plant contains iron, titanium, nickel, copper, manganese, molybdenum, boron, potassium, calcium, sodium, lithium and many other elements. As well as pectins, biflafonides and tannins.
B group vitamins, ascorbic acid in this plant is 400 mg per 100 grams – many times more than in citrus plants. The green mass of the plant also contains proteins, which are easily processed by the body and provide a lot of energy.