YARROW (‘Achillea millefolium’)

© E. Bēvalde.

A plant species of the yarrow genus of the sedge family. Individual specimens and groups of various sizes grow in meadows, fields, roadsides, quarries and various dry weeds.
Common yarrow is a medicinal plant that is used to make teas and herbs. Common yarrow is a perennial herb, 15–70 cm tall. Its stem is erect, rigid, simple, short-hairy and branched in an inflorescence. Blooms from June to October.
The biologically active substances of yarrow stimulate appetite and the secretion of digestive juices, prevent spasms and gas accumulation in the intestines, lower the temperature and arterial blood pressure, tighten the uterine musculature, stop bleeding without causing the threat of blood clots, promote wound healing, and have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, anti-allergic effects.