Objectives of the association:

  1. To promote the improvement of the environment of Penkule Parish, to enhance the accessibility of the environment, and to improve the quality of life;
  2. To promote the socialization and integration of residents of Penkule Parish by providing various activities;
  3. To restore, collect, document, preserve, research, exhibit, and popularize tangible and intangible cultural and historical values associated with Penkule Parish;
  4. To promote and increase public interest in the preservation, maintenance, research, and popularization of historical objects and their importance;
  5. To promote public education and quality leisure time;
  6. To promote positive social changes by implementing various types of projects.

15 projects initiated by us have been supported in Penkule in a little more than two years.

More than 20 tons of waste were collected in the territory of the Ālave manor park, in which the cultural and historical monument of Ālave manor house is located, which is also included in the current action plan of the Dobele region.

Countless hours have been spent in archives, contacting eyewitnesses, cleaning, and implementing projects, which is 100% volunteer work, time, and often personal finances.

We are happy about the choice, we are proud of what we have already done, we are grateful to everyone who got involved and we believe that everything will be successful in the future!

If there is a desire to support us, it is also possible to do so by donating.

Bank account for donations:

Penkulē atver durvis biedrība
Registration No: 40008297642
Bank: AS "SEB banka"
Account No.: LV93UNLA0055001729584
Details: Donation for the implementation of the association's activities

Special thanks to

Foundations and organizations:

Dobele municipality, Zemgale Planning Region, State Culture Capital Foundation, Society Integration Foundation, Latvia’s State Forests , "Erasmus+" co-financed by the European Union, National Cultural Heritage Administration, State Education Development Agency, Dobele County Tourism Information Center, SIA Vertti, AS "Dobeles dzirnavnieks", AS Sadales tīkls, Association of Latvian Professional Guides (LPGA), Farm Mazbaldonas, Creative studio Strops, SIA "Penkule", Homestead farm Bērzāji, "Rural goods Rūtenbergi", Cafe Telpa, Gardening Ilona Stanga, Husqvarna Latvija SIA,  Penkules elementary school, Construction Department of Dobele region municipality

Private persons:

Māra Robežniece
Juris Valdovskis
Ilze Māra Janelis
Raimonda Ribikauska
Ērika Karro
Maruta Pūpola
Nora un Christof Ferreboeuf
Ilva un Ādolfs Jonkus
Paula Šimkuse
Margita Jumīte
Aija Lubeja- Sube
Vilnis Sube
Andrejs Rozanovs
Inese Jonuška
Daina Šulmane
Agnese Bule
Ilze Bule
Vineta Ribaka
Sanita Supe
Uldis Bērtulis
Ina Jurģe
Ruta Krīgere
Silvija Kauliņa
Lelde Brikmane
Staņislavs Jonkus
Dainis Dišteins
Guntars Baranovskis
Mauragu ģimene
Bērziņu ģimene
Kuģu ģimene
Radzeviču ģimene
Kalviņu ģimene
Petra un Jānis Derkini
Kursiņu ģimene
Smiltnieku ģimene
Ruta Zimnoha
Lauma Lanceniece
Jānis Bērziņš
Jānis Baltmanis
Carl Ehrig- Eggert
Friederike Füll
Dorothea Füll
Annegret Hild