LADY’S MANTLE (‘Alchemilla vulgaris L. s.l.’)

© E. Bēvalde

Perennial herb belonging to the rose family, approximately 30–60 cm tall, with branched erect or prostrate stems, green, lobed leaves and greenish-yellow flowers growing in spikes. Lady’s mantle blooms from June to July. It has a slightly bitter aroma. 
Lady’s mantle is a popular medicinal plant that is mostly used for the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases. This plant is also an important food component for several species of lepidoptera.
The plant's botanical Latin name, Alchemilla, has a direct connection with the word alchemy – the plant was once believed to have magical healing powers. But the plant got its Latvian name thanks to its morning leaves – in the early hours, the large leaves of Lady’s mantle resemble pots filled with dew – drop by drop, the dew flows through groups of cup-shaped leaves and accumulates in its very middle.